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File Menu (Map Window)

Show Main (alt-F, M; or F2) - Displays the Main Window (if hidden) and makes it the active window.
Show All (alt-F, A) - Recalls all hidden windows.
Show Previous Map (alt-F, v, or shift-F3) - Display the previous map in the numbered series.
Show Next Map (alt-F, N, or F3) - Display the next map in the numbered series.
Save as .BMP (alt-F, S; or ctrl-S) - Saves the map, with ground-track, footprint, observer, etc. in a Windows bitmap file (.BMP). This can be edited with PaintBrush, printed or used in a document. The filename is TRKMAPnn.BMP, where nn is the number of the current window. The size of the file depends on the size of the window on the screen. Turn off Options:Lat/Long Grid if a blank map is desired.
Print Map (alt-F, P; or ctrl-P) - Prints the map on the default Windows printer. This is just a crude screen-dump. The appearance will depend strongly on how your printer handles colors. The size will be proportional to the size on the screen, but the scaling will also depend upon the printer.
Exit (alt-F, X; or ctrl-F4) - Exit the map, close and discard the window.

Display and Window Overview
Map Window Overview

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