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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Here are the answers to some frequently-asked questions about WinOrbit.

Q: How do I track more than one satellite at a time?
A: At present there is one principal satellite per Map Window. You need to add additional windows, by using the Windows:New command in the Main Window. Once you have maps displayed for more than 1 satellite, you can also choose one of the sats to be a secondary satellite for display in any of the other windows.

Q: Why do I get the message "Invalid Keyword" from WinHelp, when I click "Info" on the Map or Satellite Window ?
A: The Info command asks WinHelp to display the text page from this Help file, for the currently-displayed satellite. If the satellite isn't in the file (or is indexed under a different name), you will get the message. The satellite name (shown in the title bar of the tracking window) must match an index entry exactly.

Q: Can I change or add to the satellite info file ?
A: Not directly. This is a Windows Help hypertext file and requires a special compiler. However, you can add your own notations using the Edit:Annotate menu option in Windows Help. This will put your notes in a separate file (\WINDOWS\WINORBIT.ANN), and mark the topic with a "paperclip" icon you can click to recall the notes. Beginning in version 2.7, you can also access a second satellite information file of your choice.

Q: What if the satellite I want isn't in the available data files ?
A: If you have a source of tracking data (Keplerian elements), you can type them in yourself, in the Satellite window (Choose Satellite... in the Map window, or File:New in the Main window). Be sure to Setup:Save Settings after doing this, or you will have to type the information in again next time you start the program. Refer to the information on the Satellite Database for more details.

Q: Why are there duplicate entries in the satellite list?
A: You have probably opened more than one data file. At present, the program does not overwrite any existing entries when you read a new file. It just adds them at the end of the list. Thus you could have several entries for one bird, possibly representing different element sets. Check the Description box in the Satellite dialog to see which set you have selected. In addition, there is a separate entry (near the beginning of the list) for each tracking window. Thus, you can have a modified entry for the tracking window, and keep the original entry below it in the file list.

Q: What is the future of the program, with Windows 95 and OS/2?
A: For the time being, I'm sticking with Windows 3.1. The program should run just fine in OS/2. Windows 95 also promises backward compatibility. If you try it, let me know.

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