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Advanced Setup

Once you are familiar with the program, you'll want to take advantage of some of the following options to improve your satellite operating:

Choose a different format for displaying satellite latitude and longitude, using the options in the Setup:Lat/Long Formats menu. Several independent options are available.

Add additional map windows with other satellites. In the Main Window, choose Window:New. After the window appears, choose Satellite... In the Satellite dialog box, select a different satellite. Enter the new frequency, and click OK. Repeat as often as desired. When done, choose Window:Cascade or Window:Tile in the Main Window, to organize the windows on the screen.

Obtain a more recent Keplerian element file and put it in the same subdirectory with the program. In any map window, choose Satellite... to bring up the dialog box. Choose File:Open 2-Line or File:Open Keps (depending on the file format) to select the file. The file will be read, and the new entries will appear at the end of the list in the box. Note: the updated elements do not automatically replace the ones in use - you must manually select each new element set before it takes effect.

Link to an alternate source of satellite information. Use the Help:Setup... option to choose the file and index format.

Choose the correct observer antenna type in the Observer Window for calculation of the pattern loss at the ground station end of an RF link.

Create spacecraft attitude files for calculation of the pattern loss at the spacecraft end of an RF link.

Always remember to Save Settings after any changes that you wish to make permanent!

Move the files CMDIALOG.VBX, VBRUN300.DLL to c:\windows\system, to reduce the clutter in your \WINORBIT directory.

Create a Program Manager item for the program file (WINORBIT.EXE). The icon should be a little globe with orbiting satellite. Refer to the Windows Program Manager documentation and on-line Help for procedures.

Substitute your own custom map file for special effects. See Hints.
Automate your station by setting up the AutoRun feature for your favorite satellites.

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