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Miscellaneous Functions (Main Window)

Tracking (alt-T) selection box. Allows selection of one satellite, from those currently being tracked, for detailed display in the InfoWindow (and for antenna pointing or radio control via the DDE interface). The selected satellite also becomes the secondary satellite for any Map Windows in which this option is selected. Sun and Moon can also be selected for tracking, even though there are no keps available for them - just scroll backward past the first satellite selection.
UTC Date and Time (alt-U). Shows the epoch for the currently displayed satellite positions. In Step mode, this field may be edited to specify a different time. The calculation will be done when "return" is typed.
Res (sec) (alt-R). Time Resolution for tracking. This is the size of a step for calculations in all modes. In Real-Time mode, it is also the interval between updates of the display. Note: When the value is changed, the new resolution will take effect at the completion of the current interval.

The following controls appear in Step mode:
Fwrd (alt-d). Advance the epoch by Res seconds and update the displays.
Back (alt-B). Decrease the epoch by Res seconds and update the displays.

The following control appears in Pseudo-Real-Time mode:
Delay (msec). A new calculation will be done every Delay milliseconds, with the epoch advanced by Res seconds and the displays updated to the new epoch. If Delay is too short and the CPU is too slow, the updates will be done as fast as the computer can process them, but the screen may not be redrawn.

Display and Window Overview

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